Didn’t we just pass a bond?

Yes! North Ridgeville residents showed their support by passing a bond issue. Thank you! Issue 28 is a levy. This money will go towards technology operational costs of the district. Money generated by a bond issue can only be spent on buildings/infrastructure.

What is the difference between a bond issue and a levy?

A levy pays for operational needs such as daily activities, learning programs, staff, supplies equipment and materials. A bond issue is used to fund building improvements and new construction. Money generated by Issue 28 can only be used to upgrade technology.

I don't have kids in the school district/we will be moving in the near future. Why should I vote for the bond issue?

Updated technology in school buildings benefit everyone in the North Ridgeville Community.  Success of Issue 28 will also help protect property values of all citizens of North Ridgeville. Why are property values so important? For many residents the home is the largest investment. The local school district is one of the top factors when people decide where to live. On the flip side homeowners who live in a community with strong schools have a large advantage when they go to sell their home. Issue 28 will increase the value of our school district and is a benefit to the entire community.

What are current technology costs to the District?  

During the most recent school year (2015-2016) tech costs were approximately $900k.  Expenses ranged from computers to servers to classroom tools & smartboards.  Anticpated spending for IT in the areas of telecom, network equipment, and security is approximately $730K with a projected replacement cost of $150k per year.  Devices for 1 to 1 learning is projected at 2.3M.

While the overall expenditures for the District in the area of technology are great, the Permanent Improvement Tax Levy helps the District meet funding needs in specific areas so that General Fund monies may be appropriated in other ways.  
What does the Districts current Technology Plan?
Each year the Curriculum Director and team of Technology Administrators outline and organize a consistent plan, otherwise known as the Strategic Continuous Improvement Plan.  These are submitted across the District by building and by category.  To view the SCIP for Technology CLICK HERE
What does this break down to for the average North Ridgeville resident?  

For example, $21.70 per year would be due on a $200,000 home.  This equates to less than $2 per month.  

Residents of North Ridgeville will NOT see an increase in taxes.  The bond issue passed in 1992 will expire in December 2016 and no longer will be collected.  The bond issue from 1992 yields the same millage at 0.31 as this levy, Issue 28.

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